How To Transfer Files From Android To PC?

How to transfer files from android to your computer? Transferring files from a mobile device to the PC is one of the most common things people do. You can actually create space in your mobile device with this. In these days, space is something all people crave for. In PCs, you have a space of 1 TB which is really more. Transferring files from your Android device to PC will give you space on your phone and increase the speed of your device as well.

How To Transfer Files From Android to PC?

How To Transfer Files From Android To PC?

There are plenty of ways you can transfer files from Android to PC. Some of them are listed below: –

#1. Using USB Cable

Transferring files from Android to PC using a USB cable is the most basic form. Now, you need to connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable. It is always preferable to use the original cable to avoid any possible issues.

#2. Via Bluetooth

Begin by enabling Bluetooth on both devices. Then pair the PC with your Android. After the connection is established, choose the file in Android you wish to transfer. Use the Android share button to share the file, selecting your PC from the given list. Meanwhile, right-click and select Receive a file, and click Next, in your PC to complete the transfer process.

Once the files are transferred you will receive a notification that the transfer has been completed successfully.

#3. Through Cloud Sharing Or Email

With cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, it is easy to transfer files from your Android to PC. As long as you have Dropbox installed in your computer, photos snapped on your device will be synced to your Dropbox account, and thus transferred to your PC.

When it comes to feature, you will find the same available with the other cloud services. If it isn’t a photo, you can copy data or the file to your cloud folder on your Android device and it will be synced to your PC directly.

#4. Copy To SD Card & Paste In PC

You can use your phone’s microSD card to transfer files if you don’t want to indulge with apps and wires. This is useful when you don’t have a USB cable or any other applications, but you’ll need a microSD to SD card adapter. This will work only if you have a suitable card reader for your SD card.

Just make sure that your microSD card back in your phone when you are done with transferring files to your PC.

#5. Move Files Using AirDroid

An increasingly vital app for Android users is Air Droid and can be signed in with Google+, Facebook, or Twitter if you don’t want to set up a new account.

Begin by opening the app. Next, head to the URL displayed,, and download the desktop client from the link that is displayed (One cannot share files from their phone to their PC via the web app.) If you’re not prompted to sign in, select one of the icons to prompt for your details, choosing the same credentials you used to sign in with the mobile app.

On your phone, browse to the file you want to share, select it, and use the sharing menu to find Air Droid. Choose the file and send it.

Wrapping Up:

The above methods are totally proven and you can try either of them to successfully transfer the files from your Android Device to your personal computer. This article has covered all the methods that are known to us. And if you happen to know any other way to make the file transfer, please let us know. You can comment down below or email us. Our email address is given on the homepage of our website. We will reach you as soon as possible and make the changes to our article.

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