GBInsta Apk v1.60 Download Latest Version For Android

GBInsta Apk v1.60 Download Latest Version For Android
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GBInsta is one of the best ever mod of Instagram. Many people search for the best Insta mod app on the Internet. But, they are unable to select the best one from the list. GBInstagram APK v1.60 comes with one another variant too i.e GBInsta+ 1.60 (GB Instagram Plus). This amazing app is developed by Atnfas Hoak, he developed many other apps too like GBWhatsApp. It is at the top when you talk about its features. No other mod is providing these features in their app.

Instagram is one of the best social media networking apps in the world. It is defeating Snapchat. More and more people are getting engaged into Insta. Teenagers love to use Instagram more than any other Social Media app. But, Insta has lack of many useful features like you can’t download Images on your device. But, still, GBInstagram for Android can do it for you. Well, if we talk about WhatsApp Mod Apps then YoWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are the best choices for you. We have shared these apps too on our site.

GBInsta Apk Download Latest Version For Android

If you wish to use Instagram with full features and restrictions less, then you must download GBInstagram APK Latest Version for Android. Don’t worry, it is not a paid application, it is available totally free for all. Well, this app is not available on the Google Play Store. Play Store doesn’t allow any modified app on their server. Then from where to download it? No need to worry as we are sharing the download link for GB Insta Latest Version in this article.

Many websites have shared GBInsta APK on their site. But, most of them are not updating their article. Means, you will get the older version on their site. As we all know, old versions are full of bugs, that’s why they release a new version with bugs fixed. So, the choice is yours if you want to use an older version or the latest one.

We are going to share the Latest Version GBInsta Mod Apk on our site. In the below section, you will see a download button which will redirect you directly to the download page. On the download page, you will see full version info and date on which the latest version got released. We will also update our download link whenever any new version get released by the developer.

People get confused in thinking that what’s the difference in GB Instagram and GB Instagram Plus. So, it’s time to solve your confusion.

GBInstagram & GBInstagram+:

It is time to solve all of your confusions. Maybe you are also getting confused in thinking the same that what’s the difference between these two? Okay, we will be going to solve your query. But, first of all, let us tell you, these are both same apps with the same features. The only difference between them is of the Package name, that’s it. Let drive into the answer deeply.


GBInsta is the modded Instagram app which is developed by Atnfas Hoak. Its package name is com.gbinsta. It works same as like official Instagram application but it has some additional features added by the developer. You will get many useful features in it which are not available in your Instagram app. This is the reason why people are loving it more than the original app. Some of the best features of GBInstagram are that you can download Stories, save Images of anybody on Instagram and much more. So, isn’t it cool? I am sure you are loving it.


This is another package of GBInstagram which comes with package name com.instagram which is similar to the official Instagram app. It has the same features as its other package. The only difference is of the Package name. It got developed so that people can use dual mod Instagram apps on the same device. Like, now you can install GBInstagram and GBInstagram+ both on your smartphone without any issue. You can use different accounts for each app. In this way, you can use dual Instagram accounts on same device.

If you are a die-hard fan of Instagram and want to use it at a different level. Then you must download GBInsta Apk for Android. It is specially designed for guys like you. You will be going to know all about it after installing it on your smartphone. It will allow you to use Instagram with a different experience. All the features you wish to be had on Instagram as available in this mod app.

How GBInstagram Works?

It works same as like official Instagram app which you are using right now. The developer added some tweaks in it which you have never seen in Instagram. It has lots of cool features. Well, don’t worry as we will teach you how to use those features. That’s all about its work. You will be going to love it for sure! Most of the Instagram users don’t know about this app that’s why you are one step ahead. :-p

Maybe you have no idea which is the latest version of GBInsta App. So, we are sharing the version info table which includes all the details of the app.

Version Info

App NameGBInsta/GBInsta+
Latest Version1.60
Last Updated On08 December 2018
App Size38.9 MB
Total Downloads6,500,000+
DeveloperAtnfas Hoak
Official SiteApkHolic

Why People Love GBInsta App?

Maybe this question appears in your mind too. It is normal if this question comes in your mind also. When people come to know that it works same as like Instagram, they get confused. Why people love it? Well, the simplest answer is its features. It looks same as like official ass but it has many awesome tweaks. Let us share some of the best reasons why people love GBInsta:

GBInstagram Latest Version Features

So, you have already checked out some of the most popular features of GBInsta and GBInsta Plus APK. Let us tell you remaining features in a list. We will be going to add new features to this list which comes with the new versions. Enjoy, this huge list: 🙂

These are all features you will get in GBInstagram App. Maybe we have missed some but we tried our best to figure out all the features. Well, you will be going to see all these features inside the app, maybe you will get some new features too. Let you know, these no other mod provides all these features we have listed. That’s the reason people go for GBInsta or GBInsta Plus instead of other alternatives. So, it’s time to share the download link with you.

Download GBInsta Apk v1.60 (GBInstagram) Latest Version For Android

We hope you have already checked out features of this awesome app. If you have checked, I am sure you can’t wait to download and use it on your device. Don’t worry, the wait is over now. It’s time to share the download link with you. You can easily download GBinsta Apk just by two clicks on the links. Here is the download link for GBInsta Apk v1.60 Latest Version then we will share for GBInsta+ also.

   GBInsta v1.60

Is it downloading? Okay, then enjoy. If not, you can comment down below. We will help you out. If there is something wrong with the download link, we will update it as soon as possible. Well, this was the link for GBInsta v1.60. Now, let me share its another variant.

GBInstagram Plus Apk 1.60 Download Latest Version

GBInsta Plus will work same as like GBInstagram. The only difference between these two is their Package Name. Then what was the need for releasing this variant? Well, this is for those who want to use Dual or Triple Instagram App for different accounts on the same phone. You can install both of these two apps and one official Instagram app and use triple accounts without any risk. 😉 If you wish to do the same, you can download this package too, else no need.

   GBInsta Plus v1.60

These are the two packages of GBInsta v1.60 Apk, now your choice which one you wanna download. Both of these will work the same. If you wish to use dual modded Instagram apps then you can go for both. 🙂 That’s it.

If you have downloaded the app successfully on your device, it’s time to install the app. But, before you must check our Requirements section. Now, let me show you what are the minimum requirements to install it on your Android.

Requirements To Install GBInsta On Android:

Maybe you are getting confused in thinking, will this app work or not on my phone? Right? If you are thinking the same, let you know, there is no special requirement for installing this app. It will surely work on your phone. All you need is a few things which we will share with you. Have a look at all the required things to get the benefit of GBInsta Mod App.

  • Android Phone (Which You Are Using Right Now)
  • Internet Connection
  • GBInstagram Apk (We Have Shared Download Link Above)

So, is there anything special in the list? I am sure your answer is No. That’s why we already told you there is nothing special and it will surely work on your phone. But, what I have seen that many people get confused in thinking the same. So, now we cleared all the doubts. If you are ready to install the app, have a look at the steps given below.

How To Install GBInstagram Apk On Android?

The installation process is same as other APK files. The only difference is that it is a mod app with some additional features. If you have an idea of installing Apk files then you can easily install GBInsta Apk on your smartphone. But, if you have never installed such file or you generally use Play Store only for installing Android apps. No need to worry, just check out the steps given below:

1) First, you have to download GBInsta Apk from the download link shared above.

2) Now, search for the downloaded file, go to the downloads folder.

3) Tap on the GBInsta Apk file in the folder.

4) The installation screen will appear on your screen, simply tap on the “Install” button.

5) The installation process will get started, wait for a while.

6) After successful installation, simply click on “Open” button.

7) The app will open same as like official Instagram, it’s time to Login to your account.

Voila! You are now ready to use GBInsta application on your smartphone. So, isn’t is so simple? Many people get confused in installation steps. That’s why we have attached Screenshots too. Now, it will more easy to understand the steps for a newbie. Well, there was no need to share this part but we want to go deep on the topic. Now, it’s your time to explore this amazing app’s features. Let us introduce you with some best features with their working.

How To Download Instagram Images & Videos?

The official Instagram app doesn’t have a feature to download images and videos. But, GBInsta allows you to download your desired image or video from any profile/page. How? Well, we are writing this just to answer this question. It is very easy and simple to save Instagram images or videos using GB Insta.

Now, I hope you are able to download Images from Instagram. Using this feature, you can download videos or images of any page or profile you want. Isn’t this amazing? I know it is and that’s why people love it. Now, let me tell you how to download Instagram Stories?

How To Download Instagram Stories?

We have already shared the method to download Instagram images and videos on your Android using GB Instagram application. But, many people want to download Instagram Stories instead of images from the profile. Well, this is also an easy part, you can easily download any page/profile’s Story in just a single click. Check out the steps:

This is how to download Stories from Instagram easily. Most of the GBInstagram users love to use it just because of this feature. Now, you can download Instagram stories of your desired page or profile just by one click. This feature is not available in Instagram official app neither it will get added.

Changelog 1.60:

People have no idea what’s new in the latest update. Here, we are sharing Changelog of the latest version. We will update it when a new version gets released.

Wrapping Up:

So, this is all about GBInstagram. We hope you are able to download GBInsta Apk Latest Version For Android through our article. Let you know, we have shared GB Instagram Latest Version Apk file in the download link. We will update our download link on each new update. So, you can bookmark this page to get updates regularly. Also, we have shared GBInsta+ Apk as well for those who wish to use dual Instagram Mods on their phone. In case, you are facing any issues, you can comment down below. You can visit ApkHolic homepage for more apps like GBInsta.

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