WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version Download For Android

WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version Download For Android
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WhatsApp Plus Apk v6.81 for Android is the most popular WhatsApp Mod ever. Many Android users are using it for a long time. If you haven’t tried it yet and thinking to switch to WhatsApp+ Apk then you made a great decision. This app is almost similar to YoWhatsApp & GBWhatsApp. Let you know, there is no need to search on the internet again and again in order to Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version, as we will be going to provide you the same. Yup, we will provide you the working download link for WhatsApp Plus, below in this article. Now, it’s time to explore WhatsApp+ 6.81 APK Latest on your smartphone.

WhatsApp is the most used messenger app used all over the world. Sending and receiving messages to the loved ones is the basic concept of the fact. With every update and new features, WhatsApp is the platform where you can share multimedia, documents, images, and Stories as well. WhatsApp Plus Latest is not different than WhatsApp but it is a mod version of the app with some new and unique features. These features can change your experience of using WhatsApp in a positive way. This article has the installation link and guide to the all-new WhatsApp Plus Apk and you can easily get the app from here. You just have to stick through the article until the end and read the steps carefully to WhatsApp Plus Apk Download & install in your device and enjoy using WhatsApp+.

WhatsApp Plus Latest Download

WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version For Android

WhatsApp+ App is not new, it’s a very old and best WhatsApp Mod which is used by thousands of people around the world. It has more than 1 Million downloads across different websites on the Internet. Isn’t it cool? Yeah, even you will fall in love with this app after using it for once. We personally tried in on our device and never thought again to uninstall it. Within a few gaps, they launch a new app update which comes with some additional features. This is the most popular service of WhatsApp Plus Latest App. If you are a new user of WhatsApp Plus Modded Apk then let you know, what it is? In the paragraph below, you will come to know all about this application.

What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

For your information, WhatsApp Plus (also known as WhatsApp+ Apk) is a mod app which is developed by Abo2Sadam. Let’s get some time and thank the developer for giving us such an app. The pre-requirement of the app is that your device must be on Android 4.0 or above. The size that the WhatsApp Plus Apk will occupy on your disk is only 36 MB. This app has bee updated recently, that is, on 11th September 2018. This update is trending in the industry and you cannot afford not installing this WhatsApp Plus Apk on your Android devices.

So, we hope you are now familiar with WhatsApp Plus App after reading the above paragraph. Now, come to its downloading part. The app is a third-party app and you cannot find it on Google Play Store or any authorized Google App Store. So, you should consider before the downloading WhatsApp Plus Apk from any other source. We are a trusted provider of mod apps and you can download WhatsApp Plus Apk latest version from our website.

WhatsApp Plus App Features:

Many people are getting confused in thinking, what’s special in this mod? Right? Okay, it’s time to answer this common question. There are tons of amazing features of the WhatsApp Plus and I am going to list them all below. Be careful, you will be gonna fall in love with this app after checking out this features list. Read them and find out what attracts you the most:

  • Auto Reply!! You can send auto-replies using WhatsApp Plus. This means that if you are not around your phone and somebody messages you, an auto-reply will be sent to the person saying whatever you want the message to be.
  • You can now schedule the messages to be sent at a particular time.
  • You can customize your own WhatsApp as you like it to be. All the tabs and the buttons will be under your command and you can change them whenever you like.
  • You can also prank people by settings your status always online even when your device is off.
  • You will get access to unlimited WhatsApp themes that too from different regions as well.
  • Now you can share HD images without any loss in quality which is a great feature as the official WhatsApp lacked this.
  • The size of the media files, that to be sent, is 50MB, which is double than that of the official WhatsApp.
  • There is an inbuilt lock which is not an app-lock but can lock a single chat or multiple chats at your choice.
  • The number of characters in a Status is increased to 255 characters.

These are some additional features WhatsApp + provides to its users. You will never be going to see any of these features in the official WhatsApp app. So, isn’t this app is so cool? We are sure, your answer is YES. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down a bit and you will get the download link for this amazing app. There are so many more features in this mod version of WhatsApp which you will be going to discover while you personally use this.

WhatsApp+ Version Info

Have a look at version info. This section shows you all about WhatsApp Plus development in a shortcut.

App NameWhatsApp Plus
Last Updated On02 November 2018
App Size34.7 MB
Total Downloads5,000,000
DeveloperAtnfas Hoak

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest Version For Android

Now I am going to reveal the download button from where you can download the WhatsApp Plus Apk successfully without getting a 24-hour ban. Yeah, you read it right, if you download the app from any untruthful source, WhatsApp can ban you for 24-hours or more. So be careful while downloading it from anywhere else. For a simple solution download the WhatsApp Plus Apk from the link below:

   WhatsApp Plus

After clicking on this link, the WhatsApp Plus Apk will be downloaded and you only have to install in on your Android Device. Isn’t is cool? Yeah, it will be an awesome feeling when the download will get started just by a single click. 😉 We have provided you the Latest WhatsApp Plus APK for Android in the above-given download link. Now, we will update this link when any new version get released by the developer. Means, you will always stay up to date with us. So, do not forget to bookmark this page. Now, let us tell you some requirements you must need to install this app on your phone.

How To Install WhatsApp Plus Apk On Android?

Before you want to install the WhatsApp Plus Apk, make sure that the Unknown Sources Tab of your device should be activated. As WhatsApp Plus Apk is a third-party app, the device will categorize it under unknown sources and the priority of any Android device is not installing any unknown app without user’s consent. To activate the Unknown Sources tab:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Security Settings.
  • Click on Privacy
  • On the top, you will find a tab reading “Unknown Sources”
  • Click on it and activate it.

1) After this, you have to go to your downloaded files folder and find the downloaded WhatsApp Plus Apk.

2) Click on the APK file and then tap on install.

3) After the installation is finished, your device has the WhatsApp Plus Apk mod and now you have to just set up the profile.

4) For this enter your mobile number and get the OTP.

5) Enter the One Time Password and your profile is set to be used.

6) Set your WhatsApp Name and Display Picture.

Voila!! That’s it. Now, you are ready to use brand new WhatsApp Plus MOD Apk on your smartphone. This WhatsApp is a pro and you will get many great features like privacy which is at the next level.

This article was like a guide to the ultimate WhatsApp Plus Apk and I hope you liked it. This app can change the vision that you have for WhatsApp and you will experience so much more than you cannot even expect to. I also use this version and I haven’t faced any difficulty in using this. This is not some usual mod that will harm your device or corrupt the disk. This is verified by many users and you can read reviews about it on your browser. I hope that you will download the WhatsApp Plus Apk and try it at least once to change your taste and experience.

Wrapping Up:

If you face any difficulty while downloading and installing the WhatsApp Plus Apk, you can directly contact us by emailing us. You can get our Contact Us page from the homepage of our website. You can also comment down below and we will reach to you as soon as possible with a solution to your problem. As you can see, we have shared the WhatsApp+ APK Latest Version in our article. Whenever any newer version gets released, we will update it here. In case, you are facing any downloading issue or our download link isn’t working, let us know in the comment section. We will provide you a new link to download WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version for Android without any issue. 🙂


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